What a Hacker Can Do to Your Business Part 1

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Slider_SEOWhat would it mean to your business, if your website was down for several days? And your clients could not see your website online? Two things can happen. First, Your customer cannot find you, gets upset and goes to your competitor.

Second, Google starts to hate you! Your website is hacked. the hacker has made changes to your content and the information is no longer about the services offered by your business and Google penalizes you. So what that means is that all the work you did to get a good ranking on Google is now wasted. And you have to start your SEO efforts all over again.

All of your website content can be permanently deleted. Years of hard work just disappears. You won’t even see it coming.

Hackers can inject viruses or other malware into your websites, saddling you with expensive and time-consuming cleanup tasks not to mention the stress you’ll feel when hordes of angry customers start calling you and texting you, demanding an immediate fix.

The biggest threat and risk is that if sometimes Google start cracking down then they can simply ban your website.

Your web host may suspend or close your hacked accounts for breach of terms. If you’re lucky, your hosting service might give you a few days to fix the problem. Then again, they just might shut down your hosting accounts permanently. Without warning.

Don’t wait until it is to late and your business is put into jeopardy.


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